Chapter 4 – The Great Gatsby


  1. He’s known daisy for a long time, he bought a house across from the buchanans so daisy may realise that he lives there. I think that Gatsby lied about his wealth and that he went to Oxford.
  2. I think that Gatsby lists all of his guests to add effect that there were so many people who Gatsby didn’t personally know very well, but knew of. The text makes these people sound important which are, as we know, the kind of people that Gatsby likes to invite to his parties.
  3. I don’t believe all of what Gatsby said about his life as the text made it seem that Gatsby seemed a bit guilty when he was talking about his life and how he got to his position financially. I find Jordan’s story more realistic for Gatsby’s character as he doesn’t seem like an oxford man and I think Nick believes her over Gatsby on this topic too.
  4. To me, Jordan’s story of Daisy makes her seem less shallow but not too much as she was still willing to give up on Gatsby. This makes sense though because after 5 years she would have thought that he was out of her life forever.
  5. I think that when Nick makes his statement of the pursued and the pursuing etc, he means that these are the status’ of people in life as people are never just happy with their lives and there is always something wrong or happening.


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  1. Phoebe,

    When you are writing these answers up, consider ways that you can ensure they are fully developed. When you make a statement, back it up with some evidence from the text and then look to explain the evidence. A lot of the time when we do this, another idea comes to us or we notice something about Fitzgeralds use of language.

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